Cut through the doubt and build the right elearning for your people!   

Is your elearning overloaded with information, so your people don't want to do it? They're bored and frustrated with 'click next to continue'?

Too many people telling you what needs to be in it?

You know it could be better but you're not sure how?

I'm Norman Lamont, based in Scotland. With 30 years' experience in digital learning, I can help you find your way through the minefield and create something really effective.

Are you a learning manager in business or charity?

I can create elearning content that your employees can believe in, based on the challenges they meet in their everyday work.

How I can help

Are you an elearning designer or developer?

You have the knowledge you need about your audience and your challenges. I can coach you so you produce the best elearning for your organisation.

What you can learn, and how

Start as you mean to go on


Cathy Moore's Action Mapping is the best way to start any training project, whether 'e' or not.

Give yourself the confidence that this project will have a real impact on what matters to your organisation!

Make it real with scenarios

Vintage photo of detective receiving instructions in a 1950s office.

Nobody likes page-turn, page-turn, page-turn then a quiz full of trivial questions. Scenarios put you right into the action in believable workplace predicaments.

And they're not as difficult to make as you may think!

Get the perfect blend

Help your new elearning team get started

Video, audio, reference material, scenarios, classroom sessions, social media, forums, quizzes - which ones to use for this project?

I'll give you a framework to help you decide what blend of learning approaches you need.

Some of the people I've worked with

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Hey, why the 1950s photos? Aren't we talking about modern technology here?

Here's the answer!

What's Action Mapping?