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I’m Norman Lamont. I used to be an instructional designer and elearning developer in Edinburgh, Scotland but I've now retired. This is a collection of resources about my main interests – elearning scenarios and Cathy Moore's Action Mapping.

From time to time I used to get fed up and write a sarcastic article in the Fun Stuff section.

elearning scenarios

Most elearning goes info, info, info, info, test.  Then you might get to section 2, which goes info, info, info, info, test.

Scenario-based learning is based on decisions, that lead to other decisions.  Now where have you seen that before? That's right - life!  Scenarios aim to make the learning as much like life as possible.

  • All scenario resources

Designing Predicaments

scenarios_ebook_front 120

A step-by-step guide in video and text on bringing your scenarios to life.

Branching scenario design out loud

Bank call centre scenario flowchart

How one complex scenario came together from the initial discussion to finished Storyline module.

Great scenario examples

haji kamal screen

Some great examples of scenario-based learning analysed.

More on scenarios

Action Mapping

  • How do you stop learning material becoming an 'information attack'?
  • How do you get it to mirror what people do at work, so they recognise their own situation?
  • How do you make it easy for the organisation to know it's going to be effective and measurable?

Cathy Moore came up with an easy-to-learn framework to manage all this at the start of a project: Action Mapping!  If you're involved in course design - digital or face to face - you need this in your toolbox.

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