Workshop: Designing elearning scenarios

Do you groan when you have to produce another page turner with the tired old formulas of ‘It is essential that you …’  and ‘It is vital to …’  Are you worried that adding ‘fun’ animations and sound effects are just putting lipstick on a pig?
Elearning scenarios work by letting users grapple with choices and dilemmas drawn from working life. They make decisions in a safe environment and learn, not from a finger-wagging teacher’s voice but from seeing the consequences of their decisions.
 Flowchart showing string of pearls structure - scenario followed by three choices, one of which leads to the next scenario, the others to 'retry'
How do you make them believable? How do you make them engaging? How do design them without getting snarled in complicated story lines?
In this  hands-on workshop I’ll answer in depth
  • why use scenarios?
  • what makes them work?
  • picking your scenario topic
  • writing your scenario
  • testing your scenario
  • how to make sure the teaching content is covered
We’ll work with a real project from your organisation so you have something to use by the end of the session.

Duration: 1 day

Group size: up to 10 people

Location: your premises

Cost: £1200 (£800 for charities and not-for-profits) plus travel expenses

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