Vntage photo of woman taking cake from oven, with husband smiling.

Workshop: Action Mapping and Blended Learning

You’ve been asked to create a ‘blended’ learning course – of some kind – for something the organisation thinks is important.

How do you pick the right ingredients for the cake so that it’s satisfying, not just sweet?

Too often ‘blended’ just means cutting the face-to-face time and putting the boring stuff into a pre-course module that nobody completes because it’s, well, the boring stuff.  That’s not the only way!

What’s in the workshop?

We’ll look at the learners, the logistics, the strategies and methods available to you. At each stage you’ll have models you can use for project after project.  If you bring a real project we’ll base the practice sessions on that.

What will you get from this?

Following this workshop you’ll feel confident to:

  • map out the four stages you need for any learning project
  • pick the best blend of methods and media for each stage
  • answer the one question about your audience that shapes the whole project
  • use Action Mapping to make sure it’s about helping your people do their job better – not stuffing information into their heads.

Duration: 1 day

Group size: up to 10 people

Location: your premises

Cost: £1200 (£800 for charities and not-for-profits) plus travel expenses


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