How to note and record an Action Mapping session

Action Map with goal top right

Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping is a great way of capturing the performance needs at the start of any kind of training project. On paper it looks like a neat, colourful mind-map, but should you strive to keep it that visual as you go through it in the messy real world? Here’s one example from my … Read more

How to create a self-adjusting inventory list in Storyline 2

Update 7 Aug 2017 This method works but doing it with Javascript is a much simpler, more elegant solution. Phil Mayor posted an example  which is well worth a look. The downside is it doesn’t work in preview mode, only when published. The upside is it’s way more concise than what I’ve done here. My … Read more

Branching scenario design out loud #8: into Storyline

Screen shot from Giving Positive Feedback

This is the final part of Branching Scenario Design Out Loud. Having run through the prototype in Quandary as much as we could (I didn’t have Twine at the time), and making lots of tweaks to the wording, particularly to make it more conversational, it was time to create the Storyline version. Because this wasn’t … Read more

Branching scenario design out loud #7: prototyping in Twine (part 3)

In the last post I showed myself creating a prototype of a scenario in Twine.   Here’s the working Twine scenario. (Opens in a new window) It’s not the whole scenario. You may not need to create the entire scenario in prototype – it depends on whether you’re using this just to give the sponsor/SME … Read more

When to branch and when to use a mini-scenario

Call centre scenario screenshot

The two most-used structures for elearning scenarios are the mini-scenario, where each ‘wrong’ choice shows the consequences of the choice, then returns you to the dilemma to try again.  So you never move on until you’ve chosen the ‘best’ option the branching scenario, where each ‘wrong’ choice shows the consequences of the choice then gives … Read more

Branching scenario design out loud #6: prototyping in Twine (part 2)

Screen shot from Twine elearning scenario

UPDATE: I’ve managed to slightly improve the terrible fuzzy quality of this Camtasia video. Apologies for the previous version. In the first pass through creating a prototype in Twine we created screens for all the ‘good’ decisions, showing the best path through the scenario. In the second video we begin to add the alternative routes. … Read more

Branching scenario design out loud #4: the situation and characters

Vintage photo of affluent-looking woman.

In the last post in this series walking through the design of a branching scenario, we decided on the decisions our central character would have to make. Now it’s time to put a bit more flesh on the bones of these characters. The business We decided to situate the scenario in a marketing agency, all … Read more

Branching scenario design out loud #3: the scenario decisions

We’re at stage 3 of building an elearning branching scenario. (Where we started) The next stage in our process would be to list the decisions the learner – in the role of manager with a team – would have to make.  In effect, these are the scenario learning objectives.  We based these on the second … Read more

Branching scenario design out-loud #2: the learning approach

In the previous post I described the Action Mapping stages we went through for an elearning branching scenario on Giving Positive Feedback. Now we’ve reached the stage of building the scenario approach. In the deep end … A typical elearning approach would have been to give a presentation on How to Give Positive Feedback, followed perhaps by … Read more

Branching scenario design out-loud #1: analysing the needs

This is the first of a series of posts where I walk through the creation of a complex  branching scenario example, from starting idea to finished Storyline module. I hope it will be useful and encouraging to anyone starting out with elearning branching scenarios and take it a step beyond Designing Predicaments, which has one mini-scenario … Read more