Why the period photos?

Well, I had a choice. Looking at the sites of other  providers there are an awful lot of very happy-looking young (or 'diverse') employees grinning happily at their laptops. Or lying back on designer sofas in sleek modern apartments overlooking a metropolis.  You know the kind of thing. 'Business'.

Or we have fingers poised over iPads, construction workers smiling at their bricks or, you know ... 'technology'

Man using laptop as dog looks up at him.

It's all fine but it didn't seem like the kind of people I work with or the kind of places I work. And looking for imagery on 'learning' just brings up ... books

Library shelves crammed with books

One recommendation was to have pictures of me 'in action'.  Me? Well, probably one picture of me in the whole site is enough for anyone. And you've probably seen enough rooms full of flipcharts and postits to know what they look like.

Norman Lamont

So anyway I had this library from Tack-O-Rama and I'd been using it happily for some time in the newsletters I'd been doing on instructional design for my previous employer. It's quirky of course, but then so am I.

So do you prefer this?

Businesswoman with laptop

Or this?  Let me know!

Girl smiling and pointing up