What I Can Do for Your Business or Charity

Coaching and Mentoring


  • Is your in-house team ready to raise their game?
  • Do you want to learn the Action Mapping method for project startup?
  • Do you want to move from page-turners to scenarios?

I can offer a fresh pair of eyes – to look at your learning material or your design approach and tweak it or overhaul it as you want. We could do this as a one-off or an ongoing relationship.

I’ve worked with Cathy Moore and know Action Mapping inside-out. I’ve worked with subject experts to script all types of scenarios, from simple to complex. I can show you how.

» Action Mapping

» Scenarios

» Support for in-house teams


  • Confused by the huge range of online and offline options and how to put the right mix together
  • Want to get away from being an order-taker for page-turning elearning?
  • Want to start a project the best way?

Sometimes what’s brought to you as a training need isn’t a training need at all.

Performance Consulting and Action Mapping give you structured conversations you can use to uncover the real needs behind the request. The More Than Blended approach makes sense of the options and helps you plan the whole learning campaign from preparation to followup.

I’ll lead you through the processes for one of your projects and leave you with the knowledge to do it yourself. Do that and you’re well on the way to providing learning that users feel is relevant and helpful.

» Consultancy

» Consultancy packages


Design and Development

  • Would you like scenario-based elearning designed and delivered?
  • Would you like to build a knowledge base?

I’ve created scenarios for customer service, HR consultants, managers and care workers. I work intensively with your subject expert and your people to ensure it’s relevant and believable.

I pass on the skills, starting with my Designing Predicaments job aid, and can work in Storyline, Udutu and any authoring tool that allows a non-page-turning approach.

I can also use my instructional design experience to build an information bank for your internal teams, or your customers. Why not make the most of the knowledge you have in-house? Using WordPress we can have this set up in a day, for you to populate using simple templates.

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» Portfolio

» Make your knowledge work for you

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