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Action Mapping

Learn to use Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping method and get a learning project off to a great start, confident  you’ll finish with something that:

  • addresses a genuine need
  • learners will see as relevant
  • makes learners think
  • has a built-in application to the workplace
  • can show the measurable results you’re looking for.


More on Action Mapping

Action Mapping template for Xmind (free mindmap tool for Windows) 


If people need to practise making judgements and decisions, it’s no good pumping facts and information at them. Let them make decisions in a safe virtual environment and  see the consequences. Our learners are adults and can draw conclusions for themselves.

Typical situations would be difficult conversations, customer interactions and troubleshooting processes or equipment.

  • Are scenarios right for this learning need?
  • How complex do they need to be?
  • How do I start writing a scenario?
  • How do I keep track of all the branches?


Find out more about scenarios


Designing a test

Writing a test is often an afterthought in a learning design, and there’s a temptation to write the questions that are easy to write and fill it up with recall of facts that no-one will be able to recall a few days after they’ve done the test.

Design the test you really need for your learning with this one-page tool.

Test design template


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