The Lexicon of Bullshittery

One of my favourite unfavourite things is business cliche.  That’s why I keep up my occasional Catechism of Cliche series.

Here’s another great addition, from the blog Murmurations, by Simon Heath.

Some highlights:

  • 80/20 rule – what you invoke to save yourself from reading the whole report
  • Benchmarking – Desperately looking for something to support a business case
  • Competitive advantage – A permanent formatting feature of any pitch document.
  • Deep dive – What you’re told someone is going to do before they fail to set aside enough time
  • Due Diligence – All the stuff you then ignore
  • Going forward – Direction of travel for a business with regressive management practices
  • Honest and open – The type of chat that results in a written note on your employee record
  • Hot Desking – A practice whereby once a week you get to spend time with the IT helpdesk getting your wireless reconfigured and have a seat with a team from internal audit with a chinese wall so strict in place it makes Omerta look like your fabulously indiscreet Aunty Betty.


Read the full Lexicon of Bullshittery here.

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