Action map to elearning scenario prototype

This is a simple post in the spirit of ‘working out loud’. I’ll describe how a client meeting went in a day from initial analysis, using Action Mapping, to one prototype elearning scenario. Last week I attended a session with a client in London. There were the sponsor, an SME (from a different organisation) and … Read more

Designing Predicaments Step 1: the outline

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded my new scenarios job aid and especially to those who’ve given me positive comments and suggestions for improvements. Keep them coming. One thing that a couple of people have asked for is to clarify how you’d use it for a more complex scenario, where the result of the decision is … Read more

Designing Predicaments, a job aid for scenarios

In the spirit of Working Out Loud, here’s the story of the template for writing elearning scenarios I’m now offering on this site. I’ve worked a lot with subject experts writing scenarios over the years. In each case, it’s been in areas where I had no subject knowledge so it’s been up to the client to provide … Read more