How to do text concatenation in Storyline Javascript

Storyline Javascript for concatenation

Last week I posted a way to create an inventory list in Storyline 2. I’ll be the first to admit it was a bit convoluted. After I published it on the Articulate Heroes forum, a couple of people came forward asking why I didn’t use Javascript instead. As I said in the original article, I … Read more

How to create a self-adjusting inventory list in Storyline 2

Update 7 Aug 2017 This method works but doing it with Javascript is a much simpler, more elegant solution. Phil Mayor posted an example  which is well worth a look. The downside is it doesn’t work in preview mode, only when published. The upside is it’s way more concise than what I’ve done here. My … Read more

Add a certificate to a Storyline course that works in Articulate Online

Screenshot of certificate.

Recently I had the task of adding a printable certificate to a test my client had built in Storyline 2. The course would be deployed on Articulate Online. I had to put it together from various sets of instructions I found online for the different stages. This is how I did it. I hope it’s … Read more

Branching scenario design out loud #8: into Storyline

Screen shot from Giving Positive Feedback

This is the final part of Branching Scenario Design Out Loud. Having run through the prototype in Quandary as much as we could (I didn’t have Twine at the time), and making lots of tweaks to the wording, particularly to make it more conversational, it was time to create the Storyline version. Because this wasn’t … Read more

When to branch and when to use a mini-scenario

Call centre scenario screenshot

The two most-used structures for elearning scenarios are the mini-scenario, where each ‘wrong’ choice shows the consequences of the choice, then returns you to the dilemma to try again.  So you never move on until you’ve chosen the ‘best’ option the branching scenario, where each ‘wrong’ choice shows the consequences of the choice then gives … Read more

Clark Quinn working out loud

I read the blogs of quite a few instructional design gurus. Actually I tend to binge-read them, then go off the whole idea for a while until my interest revives. But that’s another story.  One of my favourites is Clark Quinn, for the sharpness of his analytic mind but openness to new ideas. I recently came … Read more

Recording scores without an LMS

Screenshot of Google Sheets

I have a client who has elearning but no Learning Management System (LMS). This article shows a solution I found in the Elearning Heroes support forum.  This is just an overview – if you want to actually do it,  go straight there: The task was to build a quiz in Storyline that would test … Read more