Designing Predicaments Step 3: the situation in detail

In step 3 we describe not only the immediate predicament our character is in, but also the back story that has led to this point. That includes some elements you’ll tell the learner and some that they’ll have to dig for. Transcript Videoscribe This was my second attempt, and it came a lot easier than … Read moreDesigning Predicaments Step 3: the situation in detail

Designing Predicaments Step 2: the Characters

This post expands on Step 2 from the scenario design job aid Designing Predicaments. In Step 1 we outlined a scenario as a situation a character making the correct choice the right reason for the choice a positive outcome from that choice In this video I talk a bit more about characters – names, first … Read moreDesigning Predicaments Step 2: the Characters

Designing Predicaments Step 1: the outline

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded my new scenarios job aid and especially to those who’ve given me positive comments and suggestions for improvements. Keep them coming. One thing that a couple of people have asked for is to clarify how you’d use it for a more complex scenario, where the result of the decision is … Read moreDesigning Predicaments Step 1: the outline

Designing Predicaments, a job aid for scenarios

In the spirit of Working Out Loud, here’s the story of the template for writing elearning scenarios I’m now offering on this site. I’ve worked a lot with subject experts writing scenarios over the years. In each case, it’s been in areas where I had no subject knowledge so it’s been up to the client to provide … Read moreDesigning Predicaments, a job aid for scenarios

Ending a scenario (followup and demo)

Here’s a scenario which I’ve been working with a friend who does management and leadership training. I’ve used it to work through and illustrate my thinking from my previous post about wrapping up a scenario by making the learning points in a clear way. In this scenario at the end of each branching series of … Read moreEnding a scenario (followup and demo)

7 ways to close an elearning scenario (and a few more)

A scenario can be an engaging, lifelike learning experience. The best ones add the tension of real life decision-making and help you to learn from seeing the consequences of your decisions. But what if the learning points aren’t obvious? What if you could guess the right decisions but had no more idea why they were … Read more7 ways to close an elearning scenario (and a few more)

Tom Kuhlmann – launchpads for scenarios

In my page about scenarios, I emphasise that you need to start with a Character who has a Challenge, has to make decisions then see the Consequences. In this article Here’s How to Build your Next Scenario, Tom Kuhlmann suggests some reusable patterns for scenarios. Here’s an example – deciding whether or how far to … Read moreTom Kuhlmann – launchpads for scenarios