Thanks and more on scenarios coming in 2017

I’m working on some new content for 2017, which will be either a series of blog posts or an e-book, or maybe both. It’s a ‘working out loud’ series following the development of a branching elearning scenario from initial concept to implementation in Storyline.  I hope it’ll be useful to you. Thanks for reading this … Read moreThanks and more on scenarios coming in 2017

Action map to elearning scenario prototype

This is a simple post in the spirit of ‘working out loud’. I’ll describe how a client meeting went in a day from initial analysis, using Action Mapping, to one prototype elearning scenario. Last week I attended a session with a client in London. There were the sponsor, an SME (from a different organisation) and … Read moreAction map to elearning scenario prototype

Clark Quinn working out loud

I read the blogs of quite a few instructional design gurus. Actually I tend to binge-read them, then go off the whole idea for a while until my interest revives. But that’s another story.  One of my favourites is Clark Quinn, for the sharpness of his analytic mind but openness to new ideas. I recently came … Read moreClark Quinn working out loud

Christy Tucker on scenarios

Christy Tucker, an American instructional designer, gives a good outline here of the whys and hows of scenarios in elearning. She emphasises all the reasons for using scenarios over linear, bullet point courses: learners are workers who have to make decisions at work – scenarios practice decisions they give a safe place to fail without … Read moreChristy Tucker on scenarios

Feedback in scenarios

Girl smiling and pointing up

The most important tip in writing elearning scenarios – show don’t tell! A scenario is a story, right?  If it’s going well, you as the learner have entered the story. If it’s pitched right, you can identify with the character who has to make a decision. It could be you. You make a choice. When … Read moreFeedback in scenarios

When an SME ‘gets’ scenarios

Girl deep in thought chewing pencil

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with a subject expert who ‘gets’ scenarios. Rachel, who acts as a subject expert for Coachwise, understands about situating the learning in a realistic story. So do the rest of the learning team at Coachwise. We’re working on a series of scenarios for primary teachers and with her … Read moreWhen an SME ‘gets’ scenarios

Scenario scripting and prototyping tools: Twine

Here’s the second tool you can use to build a working scenario in minutes alongside a subject expert. Twine is a tool used for creating interactive fiction – branching novels where you can choose routes through the story. Here I’ll show you what it looks like and talk about its advantages over Quandary, which we … Read moreScenario scripting and prototyping tools: Twine

How to write a branching elearning scenario – 2

In the last post I described one way to write a branching scenario – working with the SME to let the story unroll itself, but referring back to the learning objectives as a reality check. The main advantage is that it fully involves and engages the SME; the main risk is that you get carried … Read moreHow to write a branching elearning scenario – 2

How to write a branching elearning scenario – 1

So you’ve decided on a scenario as the best elearning experience you can offer this group of learners for this task. How do you go about planning the scenario? Designing Predicaments has its focus on the story element, not on branching stories and complexity. Follow it and you’ll have what Cathy Moore calls a mini-scenario, … Read moreHow to write a branching elearning scenario – 1

Inner Vision – a dialogue scenario with Death

Scenarios are about story, not production. I came across Inner Vision in a link from Cathy Moore’s site. It’s not elearning, it’s characterised by its developer, Sunil Rao as a game. He created it as a game-building exercise, to see if a theme as difficult and non-fantasy as suicide prevention could be treated seriously in … Read moreInner Vision – a dialogue scenario with Death