Cathy Moore – Map It review

Cathy Moore

I’ve written and talked a lot about Action Mapping as the best way to kick off a learning project, ensuring it’s focused on actions that make a difference, not just ‘delivering content’. Action Mapping was ‘invented’ by Cathy Moore and Cathy has finally written a substantial book about the method – Map It. It’s available now on … Read moreCathy Moore – Map It review

How to note and record an Action Mapping session

Action Map with goal top right

Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping is a great way of capturing the performance needs at the start of any kind of training project. On paper it looks like a neat, colourful mind-map, but should you strive to keep it that visual as you go through it in the messy real world? Here’s one example from my … Read moreHow to note and record an Action Mapping session

Want to practise Action Mapping?

Howie Pearson (LearningRapid) and I  have designed a day to give you a chance to practice Action Mapping. Is it for you? You design training courses or elearning for an organisation. You don’t get enough time to do it as well as you’d like. You have to satisfy subject experts who want to fill it with … Read moreWant to practise Action Mapping?

Branching scenario design out-loud #1: analysing the needs

This is the first of a series of posts where I walk through the creation of a complex  branching scenario example, from starting idea to finished Storyline module. I hope it will be useful and encouraging to anyone starting out with elearning branching scenarios and take it a step beyond Designing Predicaments, which has one mini-scenario … Read moreBranching scenario design out-loud #1: analysing the needs

The Action Mapping Meeting (Miranda Verswijvelen)

I’ve just come across that rare item, an article about Action Mapping.  Miranda Verswijvelen, an instructional designer in New Zealand is clearly very experienced in running AM sessions and she recognises that while AM is easy to learn it’s not always easy to actually do. That’s what led Howie Pearson and me to design an … Read moreThe Action Mapping Meeting (Miranda Verswijvelen)

Action map to elearning scenario prototype

This is a simple post in the spirit of ‘working out loud’. I’ll describe how a client meeting went in a day from initial analysis, using Action Mapping, to one prototype elearning scenario. Last week I attended a session with a client in London. There were the sponsor, an SME (from a different organisation) and … Read moreAction map to elearning scenario prototype

Action Mapping – an interactive infographic

Cathy Moore has posted an interactive infographic that takes you through the Action Mapping process in a different way from her previous posts. Instead of a mind-map type layout, it shows a workflow, and it includes much more on the later stages than in any of her previous versions. The starting point is that someone … Read moreAction Mapping – an interactive infographic

Concern-Task-Resource model – Action Mapping but not Action Mapping

Nick Shackleton-Jones introduces his model as an alternative to learning objectives, that is, to starting a learning project with learning objectives. In the same spirit as Action Mapping, this means we don’t start from the assumption that it’s a learning problem for which we’re going to create a learning solution. In this model there are … Read moreConcern-Task-Resource model – Action Mapping but not Action Mapping

Get off to a good start with Action Mapping

Here’s the Slideshare version of a talk I gave at the Elearning Alliance in October on Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping method: how to do it, and a case study.   PS does anyone know how to make the speaker notes visible in Slideshare? It would make a better narrative than just the slides. Cathy Moore … Read moreGet off to a good start with Action Mapping