Scenario scripting and prototyping tools: Twine

Here’s the second tool you can use to build a working scenario in minutes alongside a subject expert.

Twine is a tool used for creating interactive fiction – branching novels where you can choose routes through the story.

Here I’ll show you what it looks like and talk about its advantages over Quandary, which we looked at in a previous post.

As before we’ll use a scene from a scenario on giving positive feedback. You want to give good feedback to Alex, a member of your team who’s saved the day with a previous client, and win his support for the next difficult meeting. When I was writing this scenario with a management trainer I used Quandary, but I would have used Twine if I’d known about it at the time.

You can find out more about Twine and download it (it’s free and open-source) at

If you’re scripting a scenario for the first time, make sure to try Designing Predicaments, my free scenario workbook.

More help with scenarios here.

2 thoughts on “Scenario scripting and prototyping tools: Twine”

  1. A co-worker tried downloading and installing Twine a couple years ago, and his machine got infected with a virus … some kind of trojan IIRC. Recently we’ve used BranchTrack to create web-based prototypes, but not all clients are OK with their information being in the cloud so it’s not always an option – – it’d be great if Twine was safe to use.

    How long ago did you download and install Twine? Did you have any problems, or have you heard of anyone who did?

    Thanks for your insights!

    • Hi Aggie
      I last installed Twine in April. I haven’t had any problems with viruses, and my PC is well protected. I know one other person who’s installed it since then, also with no problems.

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