Scenario scripting and prototyping tools: Quandary

Following the last couple of posts about writing scenarios, here’s the first of two short demonstrations of the tools I’ve used with clients to write scenarios. The first is Quandary.  You can get it free from Half Baked Software  – not Hot Potatoes as the guy in the video says. I don’t know where he gets his scripts 🙂

Quandary consists of a series of numbered pages. When you create a choice from a page the page for that choice is created, setting up all your branching. So page 1 may offer four choices going to pages 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Quandary lets you save to HTML, which creates one HTML file that offers a text-only working scenario. You can also output to text. It creates a text version on the clipboard which you can then paste into Word.


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