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Recording scores without an LMS

I have a client who has elearning but no Learning Management System (LMS). This article shows a solution I found in the Elearning Heroes support forum.  This is just an overview – if you want to actually do it,  go straight there:


UPDATE 13/01/17: this thread on Elearning Heroes is still going and the comments run to five pages. If you can’t get it working the chances are someone’s answered it in the comments. In particular, look for comments by Steve Flowers on p4.

An alternative method is also mentioned –

The task was to build a quiz in Storyline that would test users’ knowledge of two topics and provide a recommendation of elearning to do based on the gaps in their knowledge.  The client wanted those results recorded but doesn’t have an LMS and isn’t in the market to get one (before the salespeople hit on me!).

They use Storyline and wanted to record the user’s name and a pass or fail status for each of the two topics.

Outline of the solution

The details of the solution are at the link above but here’s an outline.

  1. set up a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with a column for each piece of info you want to track – first name, surname, score for one topic, score for the other topic. Each column will have a corresponding variable in Storyline
  2. run a script (provided in the original article) that will feed the spreadsheet with the data received from Storyline
  3. set up your Storyline quiz, passing user names and scores to variables that exactly match the column headings in your spreadsheet
  4. take the URL generated by the Sheets script in (2) and put it into a small block of code in an Execute Javascript trigger in Storyline.  Again the script you need is provided in the article. The script can be triggered either by user action – clicking a ‘send’ button – or just in the background, by entering a certain slide
  5. publish, make a small alteration to the story.html page (there is a suggestion in the forum for how to bypass this)  and deploy the course!

The spreadsheet updates instantly when a user enters the right slide or clicks the ‘send’ button.  You don’t have to use a quiz results slide or any SCORM calls, and the course can sit anywhere on the web or even locally on a PC connected to the web.


Although the spreadsheet receives data anonymously from any user running the quiz, it’s only viewable by the person who creates it and anyone they give permission to. Permission can be view-only or edit.

Doing more with the method

And that’s the basics. Also on the forum you’ll see how others have developed it further – removing the need to edit the HTML page on publishing, capturing results for multiple courses, sending emails to administrators and even returning the variable values to users who restart the course later.

These instructions are for Storyline but I’m sure you could apply it in any authoring tool that can use Javascript and jQuery.


It didn’t work first time for me, but nothing usually does! There’s lots of advice and help available there. As usual with scripting, it’s  a comma or quote mark in the wrong place that scuppers it.

It brought home to me what a great resource Elearning Heroes is, and how smart and helpful people can be.

So if you don’t have an LMS and need some tracking – here’s one way to do it!

That link again:


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