Rates & pricing

Day rate

Vintage photo of clock with photo of man walkingI know it’s unusual for people like me to post prices on their site.  After all, isn’t every job unique and specially tailored to the client?  Well yes, but when you’re looking for something to buy online and you go to a site that doesn’t clearly show prices, do you stay? Do you say “Yes I’ll call them up and see what they offer?”.  Thought not. Neither do I.

My day rate for consultancy and development is £300.
But how many days would this or that job take, you ask?

For one client, working in Storyline, I carried out Action Mapping and produced four branching scenarios, a knowledge quiz and a rudimentary ‘LMS’ using Google Docs for just over £8000. (My day rate was slightly lower then.) For another who didn’t have an authoring tool, and wanted only a free one, I did tool research, settled on one and produced five branching scenarios for £4725. These were less complex than the previous and involved less SME time.

1-day Workshops for your team

Scenario building  – intro to scenarios, design guidelines, hands-on writing and prototyping, and looking at what’s possible in your authoring tool  –  £900

Action Mapping – the stages plus how to handle stakeholders  – email me for this as it’s under review

I don’t charge VAT.

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