Want to practise Action Mapping?

Howie Pearson (LearningRapid) and I  have designed a day to give you a chance to practice Action Mapping.

Is it for you?

  • You design training courses or elearning for an organisation.
  • You don’t get enough time to do it as well as you’d like.
  • You have to satisfy subject experts who want to fill it with all the facts, and managers who want it light, fun and entertaining.
  • You’re asked to prove it makes a difference but don’t have the data to do it.

All this – but still you really want to do a good job and provide something the learners and delegates will benefit from.

You can learn the theory in five minutes but the real trick is being able to handle the demands and objections of the other stakeholders:

  • the manager who wants his slide deck made interactive
  • the SME who wants staff ‘exposed’ to all the facts
  • the learning manager who wants the kind of elearning she’s used to

Norman offers a rare and refreshing combination of clear thinking, good humor, and dedication to high-quality instructional design. (Cathy Moore)

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We’re now gathering numbers for the first workshop, in order to decide the best location. Be the first to find out when and where.

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