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Planning for Four

Title screen from scenario
Screenshot from elearning scenario

This is based on a set of scenarios I designed with a leading Scottish children's care organisation, with branding removed. It was for workers in their residential and day centres to help them with planning activities for young people with autism.

Launch Planning for Four

Giving Positive Feedback

A complex branching scenario for new line managers.

Preparing for a Home Visit

A complex branching scenario for line managers new to the HR part of their role, based on one I wrote for Lloyds Banking Group.

Bank Call Centre scenario

Based on a series of scenarios written for Scottish Widows Bank.

How to write scenarios

This site contains a wealth of material for designers and developers to build their confidence creating scenario-based learning.


Historic England / Landward Training case study

Logo: Historic EnglandHistoric England were working on a programme of educational material for people in different roles in local authorities. The aim was to encourage them to address heritage issues in planning applications with expertise, consistently across English local authorities.

They wanted to make it more engaging. By using Action Mapping we were able to identify a series of behaviours which could be improved. We were then able to create a prototype scenario that would be credible and engaging to several local authority roles.