Learning needs? What matters now!

Vintage photo of women working in a factory

One of the learning writers whose ideas resonate with me is Nick Shackleton-Jones. His ideas on organisational learning are centred on what people care about ( the Affective Context to give it its posh name).  I’ve also been steeped for the last year in the world of content marketing, since I joined the Content Marketing … Read moreLearning needs? What matters now!

Clark Quinn working out loud

I read the blogs of quite a few instructional design gurus. Actually I tend to binge-read them, then go off the whole idea for a while until my interest revives. But that’s another story.  One of my favourites is Clark Quinn, for the sharpness of his analytic mind but openness to new ideas. I recently came … Read moreClark Quinn working out loud

More on performance support and learning

The other week I wrote about performance support and how it’s not helpful to refer to it as just-in-time learning. If people learn from it it’s a bonus but it’s not what it is designed for. It’s a tool. In The role of self-reflection in continuous performance support on Saffron Interactive’s site, James Tyas explores … Read moreMore on performance support and learning

Performance support isn’t just-in-time learning. But people learn.

At LT2016 I picked up a quote attributed to Clive Shepherd that I can’t verify the quote but I’d been thinking during the day about performance support. I see performance support as a tool, not necessarily a form of learning.  You use it because you need to know, or be reminded,  how to do something … Read morePerformance support isn’t just-in-time learning. But people learn.

Pleeease! Not a scenario!

If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you’ll know I like scenarios. I think they can be an engaging and, more important, an effective form of elearning. That doesn’t mean I advocate them for everything, all the time. Years ago, a Tom Kuhlmann post, lost now, stuck in my mind. It pictured a learner … Read morePleeease! Not a scenario!

Designing Predicaments – the full series

I’ve written about all the steps in the Designing Predicaments job aid in detail now, with a video talk about each. I just want to remind you of how I recommend using Designing Predicaments. It works best, I think, in a small group or pair – maybe a designer and an SME – who’ve already made the … Read moreDesigning Predicaments – the full series

Designing Predicaments, a job aid for scenarios

In the spirit of Working Out Loud, here’s the story of the template for writing elearning scenarios I’m now offering on this site. I’ve worked a lot with subject experts writing scenarios over the years. In each case, it’s been in areas where I had no subject knowledge so it’s been up to the client to provide … Read moreDesigning Predicaments, a job aid for scenarios

3 ways to ask: is it a learning problem?

The learning designer as order-taker is a hard place to be. Sponsors have decided they need learning  to address a business problem. They may have done so for different reasons: we did this last time we have money in the training budget there’s always been a course but we need a cheaper course if they … Read more3 ways to ask: is it a learning problem?