The Password Secret

Screenshot from The Password SecretThe Password Secret is a bite-size elearning course aimed at anyone who uses the web at home or work.  In 10 minutes or less it teaches, and gives you practice in, a simple technique for creating and remembering strong passwords.  It has a no-nonsense minimalist interface, where nothing gets in the way of the message, and comes with a  printable cheat sheet as a reminder of the technique.


With The Password Secret, you can

  • create a strong, unique password for every site you use
  • remember it in moments, even months later
  • drastically reduce the risk of identity theft
  • reduce the stress of thinking up new passwords and resetting them when you forget them
  • avoid relying on password management software


For an organisation it will

  • reduce the risk of identity theft for your customers and employees
  • meet your social responsibility goals by providing a valuable service
  • raise your reputation
  • encourage a culture of security in your customers and employees
  • reduce the risk of your data being compromised by customers who use the same password for many sites


The course is created in Articulate Storyline and can of course be completely recoloured to your brand and an audio version, with less text, can also be provided. I could create versions in Powerpoint or HTML if required.

View a demo of the course (which doesn’t give away the secret!)

Contact me if you’d like to discuss how you could use it in your organisation.

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