Title screen from scenario

Scenario example: social care

Title screen from scenario

Need to create training material for people in a social care context, focusing on decision-making under pressure?

You might get some ideas from this.

I’ve put a new scenario example on my portfolio page. This is an unbranded version of a scenario I wrote for a leading Scottish child care charity as part of a series of scenarios on working with young people on the autistic spectrum. It was created in Storyline 1.

The training was aimed at care workers who have to check in at work and take charge of a situation after a brief handover. In this case you are running the evening shift of a service where four autistic young people live. You have to decide on the evening’s activities and deploy your staff to the best advantage.

In elearning terms, although it looks like one story, it’s actually a series of five mini-scenarios. That means with each decision you see the consequences, but you get a chance to revisit it and make a better choice.

You have to know the young people and what’s been happening with them, but the orientation screen is available only once, not throughout the scenario. This is because in real life, you wouldn’t have time to refer to any notes once you’re in the thick of it.

If you have any questions about it please let me know on info [at] light touch learning [dot com]

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