Scenarios don’t have to be difficult!

So what’s new in the scenarios world? A couple of good posts from Christy Tucker, that’s what! If you think ‘we should have a scenario here’, don’t assume that you’re now looking into an abyss where tangled plotlines writhe into knots that you’ll never undo, and exhausted designers stay up all night trying to test … Read moreScenarios don’t have to be difficult!

Scenario example: social care

Title screen from scenario

Need to create training material for people in a social care context, focusing on decision-making under pressure? You might get some ideas from this. I’ve put a new scenario example on my portfolio page. This is an unbranded version of a scenario I wrote for a leading Scottish child care charity as part of a … Read moreScenario example: social care

Cathy Moore – Map It review

Cathy Moore

I’ve written and talked a lot about Action Mapping as the best way to kick off a learning project, ensuring it’s focused on actions that make a difference, not just ‘delivering content’. Action Mapping was ‘invented’ by Cathy Moore and Cathy has finally written a substantial book about the method – Map It. It’s available now on … Read moreCathy Moore – Map It review

How to note and record an Action Mapping session

Action Map with goal top right

Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping is a great way of capturing the performance needs at the start of any kind of training project. On paper it looks like a neat, colourful mind-map, but should you strive to keep it that visual as you go through it in the messy real world? Here’s one example from my … Read moreHow to note and record an Action Mapping session

Five great articles to power up your elearning scenarios

In the immortal words of Ian Dury, ‘There ain’t half been some clever bastards’. Here I’ve picked five excellent articles I’ve found recently; each  takes one of the ‘pain points’ of elearning scenarios and offers practical and instantly usable suggestions. 1. How long should we let learners go down the wrong path? Yes you want … Read moreFive great articles to power up your elearning scenarios

Great resources for elearning scenarios

Flowchart for decision in bank call centre scenario.

I’ve written so much on elearning scenarios in this site it’s time I pulled all the resources together for easy reference. I’ll add some of the best places to look outside of the site too. Designing Predicaments – a job aid for scenarios, and a mini-course Predicaments is a job aid you can get from … Read moreGreat resources for elearning scenarios

Elearning vs classroom

Title image for Will Thalheimer's research

It’s an old chestnut. Elearning vs the classroom. What’s more effective for learning – a tutor in front of a flipchart or various computer-mediated ways. Some recent research has come with up answers – not stunningly new but confirming best practice and best advice that’s decades old. Way back in the late 1980s, before you … Read moreElearning vs classroom

How to do text concatenation in Storyline Javascript

Storyline Javascript for concatenation

Last week I posted a way to create an inventory list in Storyline 2. I’ll be the first to admit it was a bit convoluted. After I published it on the Articulate Heroes forum, a couple of people came forward asking why I didn’t use Javascript instead. As I said in the original article, I … Read moreHow to do text concatenation in Storyline Javascript

How to create a self-adjusting inventory list in Storyline 2

Update 7 Aug 2017 This method works but doing it with Javascript is a much simpler, more elegant solution. Phil Mayor posted an example  which is well worth a look. The downside is it doesn’t work in preview mode, only when published. The upside is it’s way more concise than what I’ve done here. My … Read moreHow to create a self-adjusting inventory list in Storyline 2

Elearning scenario examples: Clark Quinn’s Workplace of the Future

I read the blogs of quite a few instructional design gurus. Actually I tend to binge-read them, then go off the whole idea for a while until my interest revives. But that’s another story.  One of my favourites is Clark Quinn, for the sharpness of his analytic mind but openness to new ideas. The project In … Read moreElearning scenario examples: Clark Quinn’s Workplace of the Future