Thanks and more on scenarios coming in 2017

I’m working on some new content for 2017, which will be either a series of blog posts or an e-book, or maybe both. It’s a ‘working out loud’ series following the development of a branching elearning scenario from initial concept to implementation in Storyline.  I hope it’ll be useful to you. Thanks for reading this … Read moreThanks and more on scenarios coming in 2017

Elearning Network in Glasgow – beyond the blend

The Elearning Network as secured two of elearning’s biggest names to speak at their event next Friday 9th September in Glasgow. The theme is blended learning, and Clive Shepherd (author of “More Than Blended”) and Dr Jane Bozarth (author of “Show Your Work”) will both be joining us in Glasgow on 9 September. There will also be … Read moreElearning Network in Glasgow – beyond the blend

Two weeks into a Social Media fast

Two weeks ago, while reading Deep Work by Cal Newport, I decided to take up his challenge to go on a four week social media fast. There are many arguments in the book for doing it, but the ones that resonated most for me were the addictive nature of Facebook in particular (Twitter seems even … Read moreTwo weeks into a Social Media fast

Beginning with a single step …

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Laozi) I’ve seen this quote a hundred times; so have you, I’m sure. But like many cliches, it suddenly strikes me as true in the right circumstances. So my circumstance are that I’m now an independent learning and performance consultant. I remember many conversations … Read moreBeginning with a single step …