A handy jargonbuster

Vintage photo of man dancing
… and, sharing the learns from his presentation upskilling, Gavin from Accounts Payable

Next time you’re in a meeting this might help you translate what you hear into English.

To action (v) – to do (we’ve turned a noun into a verb. It’s got two syllables so it sounds more intelligent)

Upskilling (n) – learning (so next time someone asks you a question and you can’t remember the answer say “ Oops, I’ve downskilled”. They’ll be so upimpressioned. Then you can go to the canteen for upfatting.)

Learns (n) – Things I’ve learned (the productivity bonus in turning this verb into a noun must be substantial. It’s so quick to say, you save so much time.)

Takeaways (n) – things I’ve learned (not Indian or Chinese)

Informing mechanism (n) – discussion (sounds so much more objective, doesn’t it?)

Deep dive (n) – discussion (cue: hold your nose)

Cascade the outputs (v) – tell people what happened (lovely image of waterfalls, how refreshing)

If you’d like to contribute to the common good by supplying some more in the comments, we’d all love to see them!

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