Fun stuff

The worlds of business and learning sometimes get so po-faced, you have to raise your lapel and have a quiet chortle into it.

I hope these will tickle you in some way, in some unspecified place (OK I’ll stop now!).

New Technology -the Threat to our Information

This is my ‘greatest hit’ with over 45000 views on Slideshare. It started with a remark someone made on a webinar about social learning, when they’d left an argument with IT about security of discussion forums, and passed someone at a desk giving completely erroneous information over the phone.

The SME Test

Why it hurts Subject Matter Experts to see information diluted for learners.


The Catechism of Business Cliche

I pinched the idea from Flann O’Brien, the brilliant Irish humourist, and applied it to the game of Bullshit Bingo you can play at any business meeting.

Lamont’s Taxonomy of Direness

Just so that my name goes down in the annals of, er, taxonomy makers.


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