Ending a scenario (followup and demo)

feedback scenario

Here’s a scenario which I’ve been working with a friend who does management and leadership training.

I’ve used it to work through and illustrate my thinking from my previous post about wrapping up a scenario by making the learning points in a clear way.

In this scenario at the end of each branching series of screens you have the option to retry or ‘see how you did’; that takes you to a screen where you see the decisions where you’ve taken the best option, but not the ones where you didn’t. You’re told there were 6 decisions and you got 2 or 3 or 4 of them. The ‘good’ ones are displayed. You then have the option of trying again or reviewing the scenario. If you review then the six decisions are revisited with a question about why the best choice was best.

I’ll admit some of those questions were written in a hurry so they could be better, but I wanted to illustrate the principle. In work I’ve done for a client these screens don’t always show questions, sometimes they just show a rationale for the decision.

I think this gives a better review than the tick list I used to use, or than not having a review at all.

The one thing I don’t like is that I can’t find a way in Storyline to store and display the ‘good’ decisions as a list. All I know how to do is have them on a page and show and hide them as appropriate. This means there are spaces where some decisions are hidden.  If this was HTML I’d just populate a list and display it.  Can any Storyline buffs tell me how to avoid the gaps on that screen.

Incidentally Jackie Jamieson (whose material this is based on) and I are looking for clients who’d like more scenarios on this ‘difficult conversations’ theme, so if you’re interested let us know – contact details in the footer.


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