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Looking for elearning companies in Scotland but not finding what you need?

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… and where do you source your compliance modules, Elspeth?

Perhaps you could use a little help with

  • Setting the elearning strategy for your organisation? Knowing where to begin, what to spend and who to involve?
  • Selecting a Learning Management System, authoring tool or Learning Record Store for Xapi? If there are enough LMS providers to fill a floor of London Olympia how are you going to know who to even consider? You don’t want all their sales forces at your door!
  • Managing and resourcing a rollout of lots of elearning modules? Even if you have an in-house capability, there may be initiatives that mean you have to go outside to find enough hands to do the work.

It can be hard when you look around their websites. Maybe there are no examples of their work because they’re all client confidential. Maybe what’s there is so sophisticated you just know it’s going to be beyond your budget. And of course they’re all brilliant at everything!

What companies are out there and what are their specialities?

I’m an elearning developer and consultant in Scotland. I want to work more with companies and charities in Scotland. But I’m one guy, and sometimes you may need more. Also there are some parts of the business I don’t touch – for example Learning Management Systems.

These companies are all based in Scotland or have an established office here. Of course the Big Boys of Brighton – LEO and Brightwave and that ilk – also have a presence in the Scottish market, but I’m going to talk about companies I know, people I’ve met and in some cases worked with.

I’m going to be honest here – obviously I’ve never used these companies as a customer the way you would.  So this isn’t a review and I’m not going to say anything to imply ‘who’s the best’.

But I hope it’ll give you some useful information, particularly about their specialities.

eCom Scotland, Dunfermline

As far as I know eCom Scotland are the most established elearning company based in Scotland. CEO Linda Steedman has been in learning for 20 years and eCom have some awards under their belt including a Gold in the 2015 eLearning Awards. They do a lot of public-sector and Health Service work, particularly large rollouts, and offer consultancy on all aspects of technology in learning. They offer complete systems too – testing, learning management and authoring systems among others.

GoodPractice, Edinburgh

GoodPractice made their name with libraries of concise, attractive learning resources for leaders and managers, which is still their main target audience. James McLuckie and Owen Ferguson are in demand as speakers at learning conferences. As well as their ‘Toolkit’ – the leaders’ resource bank – Goodpractice have a team of instructional designers, graphic designers and developers who create bespoke elearning for prominent organisations like Virgin Money. They also now provide a psychometric testing tool.

Citizens Advice Scotland, Edinburgh

CAB Scotland were the first organisation to whom I provided consultancy when I was starting out as an independent. Since then they’ve established themselves as an in-demand elearning team, not only for their own staff and volunteers, but working with other organisations such as the Samaritans, Health Professionals Council and Money Advice Trust to produce bespoke elearning for those organisations and for the public. They’ve been shortlisted for eLearning Awards this year and last year.

Aurion Learning, Glasgow

Aurion are based in Ireland but have a strong presence in Scotland, with an office in Glasgow. They work with a number of Scottish organisations, both private and public sector, with a strong emphasis on capability-building: setting up teams, systems and infrastructure for in-house production. They can help with LMSs, Talent and Performance Management systems.

Junction-18, Glasgow

A relatively young company, Junction-18 have made a name for themselves with highly accomplished game-based learning, much of it involving sophisticated 3D animation. They go beyond multiple-choice scenarios to what feel like interactive movies and also specialise in mobile gaming and native apps. Nick Ramsay is a respected blogger on all aspects of digital learning.

Sponge Learning, Paisley and Edinburgh

Sponge have offices in Paisley and Edinburgh and almost half their workforce is based in Scotland

Multiply, Edinburgh

Multiply have the resources and creative talent of a top marketing agency to draw on when providing elearning, established particularly well in the financial services industry. They use Storyline but can develop bespoke mobile and desktop tools.

LearningRapid, Edinburgh

This is the business name for a friend and former Lloyds colleague Howie Pearson. Howie has extensive experience in Learning Management Systems and also in Articulate Storyline, producing innovative designs for clients like Aegon and the Scottish Government. He offers an end-to-end service of analysis – using Action Mapping, design and delivery.


There you have it- eight top elearning companies based in Scotland. I hope this makes it easier for you to find an eLearning company that will be able to help with your particular challenges.

Where do I fit in?

My specialities are instructional design, needs analysis and capability-building. I work with learning managers and elearning designers to create learning material or to develop their skills in the area.  More about me here.

If you’re frustrated finding the best solution, contact me to see if I can help put you on the right road.



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