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Elearning scenario examples: Will You Fit Into Deloitte?

This elearning scenario example is a first-person video-based one. Like Choose a Different Ending it pretends to be amateur but is very artfully produced. It’s a ‘gamified interactive recruitment experience’, aiming to demonstrate the corporate culture of Deloitte to potential graduate recruits. So it’s aimed at the potential employees rather than employees with a training need.

What it’s about

It’s a sequence of five mini-scenarios showing dilemmas in a new recruit’s first day in a Deloitte office in Auckland, from accidentally spilling coffee on a colleague to choosing a birthday present for a manager. In each case the consequences of the decision are shown, and retries are offered until you pick the best option, which is then linked to a Deloitte value. A ticking timer adds pressure.

For example, the first choice is in the lift, when you sneeze and splash coffee on a colleague’s back.

Still from video, first person view of hand holding coffee cup and spill on back of person in front of you.
Spilling coffee on a colleague’s back.

Your choices are to tell him, say nothing or try to rub it in. The choices are presented in a transparent layer over a still from the video, in a simple, pleasing way, with a timer to add tension.

Simple graphic presentation of choices.

Selecting a wrong answer shows the unwelcome consequence. The right answer is linked to a Deloitte value. Again, this is done simply, without heavy-handed exposition of the corporate values.

"Honesty pays. Honesty's important at Deloitte."
Values without preaching or over-talking.

Who built Will You Fit Into Deloitte?

The scenario was produced by Deloitte New Zealand working with Little Sister Films. It was important for the audience that it worked on all mobile platforms, for which they used the authoring platform Rapt Media. It’s short, fast-moving and the humour is effective (especially the birthday present scene) – it’s been really well written.

At the end a group of graduates appear as links to different parts of Deloitte, so it ends with a Call To Action to explore the organisation further.

What the designers said

From the Raptmedia site:

Deloitte New Zealand needed something unique and fresh for its 2014 Graduate Recruitment campaign. However, recruitment videos tend to be dry and boring. Little Sister Films (LSF), the digital video agency behind the Deloitte campaign, aimed to create something that was light hearted, took you inside the Deloitte culture, and educated the viewer on the various service lines the company has to offer.

LSF decided to create a POV (point of view) interactive day in the life video, and after doing some research found Rapt Media to be the only solution that met their requirements. In need of something that not only works on desktops but also tablets, mobile phones, and the trickiest platform, iPhones, LSF turned to Rapt Media since it’s the only player currently capable of handling all those devices. Little Sister Films also leveraged link-out buttons to external websites to drive traffic to specific areas of the website.

Success metrics:
Novel use of gamification in a recruiting video
Works across all devices
Average viewing time of over 4 minutes
Significant social buzz around the project
Outperformed similar linear video posted on YouTube

Why it’s a great example of elearning scenarios:

  • subtle use of humour
  • minimal exposition
  • clear, minimalist graphics
  • believable situations and consequences
  • final product looks simple and spontaneous, with no hint of the massive design effort
  • call to action

Try it here:

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