Drawing hand videos: some proof?

handA few weeks ago I wondered what support there was for drawing-hand videos as a learning medium. I agreed they were an engaging and entertaining presentation medium but wanted to know if there was any evidence one way or another for their effectiveness in retention and understanding.

I’ve found this video where Richard Wiseman – always entertaining and illuminating – meets Andrew Park, the original artist behind the most accomplished Drawing Hand videos, the RSA Animate series. Wiseman talks about an experiment that shows better retention of a few key points a short time after subjects watched an RSA animation than a group who saw only a slideshow.  It’s not much if you’re looking for understanding, application or even longer-term retention but it’s something, especially if like me, you’re inclined to like these animations.

The most interesting bit for me is Andrew Park’s story of how he got into doing these and the massive amount of research that goes into them – he comes over as someone who found his niche and can’t believe he’s making a living from something he loves doing.

Read the comments – some purport to explain the effectiveness of the animations, but I can’t see what they’re getting at.

Richard Wiseman’s site

RSA Animate

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