Oh yes, you’ve had a hand in an information dump, haven’t you?

When we work together, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on the problem; you might find  there’s a simpler solution than elearning – perhaps clearer Help files or procedures people find easier to follow.


  • Performance consulting –  you’ll be able to decide if it is really a learning problem. More on this
  • All aspects of instructional design – you”ll be able to present information in the ways that your people actually learn – because they’re people!
  • Create safe practice simulations and scenarios for those difficult conversations and decisions. More on this
  • Be sure what’s in and out of your learning project by starting it  with Action Mapping. More on this
  • Create something that people will use day in, day out, because it works – performance support and job aids

Rates and prices

If you’d prefer a limited, time-bound intervention, check out my consultancy packages.


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