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We include a free trial of my new patented blu-ray walkman.

If you’re looking to raise your game game, let me

  • help you analyse the problem
  • help you work out the best solution
  • review any materials you’ve already created

So what you end up with is not only better materials but insights and skills for your team to go on creating better learning.

Any learning or instructional training you’ve done will get you started, and a package will help everyone apply these skills to their projects.


I offer two packages for one-off elearning makeover:

4 hours (£250)

We could analyse and rough out a high level solution, or review the thinking you’ve already done. We could sketch out specific scenario plots  for a project, including characters and their challenges.

8 hours (£300)

We can look in more depth at a performance problem, and the kinds of activities that will help people make the changes they need to.  Or  I could facilitate writing some scenarios, getting them to script stage. Or a review of learning material you’ve produced, suggesting new angles and approaches. Or do some user testing with learners. The package hours could be spread across the phases of your project from your first idea to a script.[/three_fourth]


How it could work ...

We’d begin from a chat about your needs, which would help us decide which package is the best for you.  I’ll give you a link for payment in advance, then sign any non-disclosure agreements you need. With the package approach most clients don’t need any further paperwork.

You send me the background information and we proceed to a conference call to introduce the team, agree our goals and strategy, and get started.

If you choose not to use the hours in one day at your workplace, most of the work will be done by phone, email and online conferencing ( I’ll use whatever communication tools or sites you prefer) . I’ll send you a link to a time tracker so you can see how your hours are being used.

Much of the time you’ll be sending me material and I’ll be sending feedback, which we’ll discuss at the next call.

This work is focused on analysis and design consultancy; scripting or development fall outside the package.  If you’re selecting authoring tools or an LMS I can put you in touch with experts in those areas.

General rates and prices

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