Compliance training by any other name

… would smell?

Old engraving of child holding umbrella over another child.Maybe not.

Ryan Tracey goes over the reasons we hate compliance training but asks: what if we took the law out of it?

 Imagine for a moment there was no such thing as compliance legislation; no regulatory agencies scrutinising your every move; no auditors to appease; no obligation whatsoever to do any compliance training of any kind. Would you still support it?
Of course we would, he says, things like health and safety training are there for the benefit and the safety (duh) of the people who work in the organisation, and to ensure the business doesn’t suffer.  It’s the way we design and administer it that makes it a turn-off.
One commenter says:
 Just working on an update of a Fire safety course as we speak. We do it as we have to by law but one of the ways I’m taking the law out of it is by using real life examples of people from our organisation that have been involved in fires – makes realise why there’s a law in place for this and hopefully will just help people see it as something useful to them and not just a ‘tick in a box’.
They’re right of course, but there are problems, in my organisation, in the way the training is mandated and in the way it’s delivered.  It can be mandated for all the wrong reasons – one piece of training I know of came into being because someone in a financial area did something that attracted the ire of regulators here and abroad. The business paid the price, and part of that price was an undertaking – probably as an afterthought – that everyone in the organisation would receive training on this particular set of rules. So the 70% of employees who would have no possible motive or opportunity to commit this crime found themselves plodding through a particularly uninspiring piece of page-turning blah.  These sorts of misjudgements are gradually being addressed, but then even perfectly valid and even well-designed training comes packaged in an email as “Q3 Mandatory Training” which translates as ‘at the very last minute, grit your teeth and get it over with’.
If only it were as engaging as this TV ad from Sussex Safer Roads
I’ve been touting around a storyboard idea for safety training called Don’t Be A Prat.  It won’t happen in my company.
Here’s someone even getting applause for safety training:

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