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Old engraving of catsThe last task in the Curatr course I’m doing was to use what you’ve learned to set up your own curation example using one of the tools we’ve discussed as well as the good practice we’ve learned about.

This was my first attempt to use to curate my subject and it hasn’t gone exactly as I intended. I particularly wanted to embed my Scoopit stuff in my own blog rather than just promoting my page itself. I wanted to be able to top and tail each collection with my own editorial. So I’ve used a more or less defunct blog I set up some time ago, thinking if this works I’ll revive it.

The first problem was that I’d set up my topic, Mindfulness,  looked at the suggestions and scooped about ten articles that looked interesting. But I didn’t want to show ten on my blog, just a hand-picked few. I couldn’t find a way to select only a few to share so I set up a second topic, Mindfulness Scan, and rescooped the ones I wanted to share into that, treating the first one as a repository and my own reading collection. I added my ‘insight’ comment to the ones I’d rescooped and started looking at how to share them in my blog.

There are two methods. One is a direct link to my WordPress account. Easy to set up and it works immediately but I found it creates a single blog post for each article. That wasn’t what I wanted so I deleted the blog posts it had created. The other way is to set up a widget in That creates a nice little slideshow of all the articles in your Topic (you can’t select some and not others so I guess for my next edition I’ll need to delete the ones already in my Topic). It’s easy to embed the widget anywhere in your blog post, so I was able to add my editorial stuff and the attributions code after the widget.

However the execution isn’t exactly as I wanted. You get the slideshow with your titles in a barely legible white-on-light-grey overlay at the bottom. You don’t get the ‘insight’ bit in the widget. Click one of the slides and a new Scoopit window opens displaying the Scoopit article – with my ‘insight’ – highlighted over the rest of the Scoopit page. So to get to the actual article you’re curating is two clicks. On the blog you decide to read that article, then you read my comment in the ‘insight’ bit, then you may decide to click through to the actual article.

I can’t help but feel that, although it’s visually nice, it’s a roundabout way of doing it and I’d have been better putting my commentary on the blog with a direct link to the original article, bypassing Scoopit or using it just for the ‘find’ stage.

I submitted it in Curatr, inviting comments, and tried to look at what other students had done. The first one I looked at was also a Scoopit site but this student had done it all on Scoopit. I looked at it and came back to comment, but couldn’t get back to the Curatr level 7 page. Eventually I found a way but every time I reloaded it, it immediately jumped back out to that student’s Scoopit site.   I don’t know if this is a bug in the platform or something to do with my cache but I can’t stay on the level 7 page for more than a few seconds.

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  1. It’s forcing the link out. We’ve put an option in to ‘launch in a new window’, but kinda ironically for a page that does nothing but embed 3rd party content, they don’t allow themselves to be embedded in an iFrame.

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