Clive Shepherd, Piaf and ballroom dancing

There are some words I never expected to sit together in one heading.

dancingYesterday I tuned into Clive Shepherd’s talk ‘More Than Blended Learning’ on the Learning and Skills Group. It’s great that they give us this quality of webinar free on a regular basis.

Clive’s always been keen on models and organising disparate strands of thought into a scheme that helps to make sense of it all. No map is the territory but some maps are more useful than others and any map is better than no map, especially when you’re dealing with a territory everyone already thinks they know about but actually don’t – for example ‘blended learning’.

Starting from a story (fictional, he says) of learning ballroom dancing with his wife, Clive attempts to pull together not only the way the ‘blended’ term is used in corporates already but also courses ‘n’ resources, the ‘unconscious competence’ model, social contexts, teaching strategies and performance problem analysis. So you look at things you already know from a different angle.

I made a mind-map as he was talking so here it is in PDF and text formats. Hope it’s useful to you.
Clive Shepherd LSG_ more than blended learning PDF

Clive Shepherd LSG_ more than blended learning doc

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