Christy Tucker on scenarios

Christy Tucker writes about scenarios in elearning
Christy Tucker writes about scenarios in elearning

Christy Tucker, an American instructional designer, gives a good outline here of the whys and hows of scenarios in elearning.

She emphasises all the reasons for using scenarios over linear, bullet point courses:
  • learners are workers who have to make decisions at work – scenarios practice decisions
  • they give a safe place to fail without upsetting customers or burning down offices
  • because they are set in context, they’re more likely to be remembered when the worker is in that situation
  • done well, they engage the emotions in ways a list of facts or ‘you musts’ will never do
  • because of all this, they are more likely to help develop expertise.
She makes the point that they don’t have to be done as individual e-learning, in fact they often give better results in groups.
Christy’s video contains practical suggestions and examples, and it is a great primer for anyone approaching scenarios.

Also on scenarios, Cathy Moore’s online course for November is booking now. Highly recommended!

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