Catechism of Cliché (8) the brain-based learning design

Vintage diagram of skullUpon what is your unique new learning approach based?

– The brain. It is brain-based learning.

What advantage does this press over, say, elbow-based learning?

– It starts from an understanding of the ergonomics of the brain.

Aha. It is, indeed reassuring that the brain fits snugly and safely into the skull. It should always be kept there.

– No, we mean how to use the brain.

And how, given your guidelines, will we use the brain?

– By matching your learning design to how the learner’s brain functions

And how does the learner’s brain function?

– That is quite involved. You may not be able to follow it, but here is a diagram.

Hmmm. These show little creatures with many legs, some of which touch the legs of other creatures. I would never have imagined it.

– Our learning design makes new connections and strengthens the bonds between these neurons

So we should ask learners to introduce the little creatures to each other and bond? Group hug?

– Our unique learning design does that.

How does it achieve this feat of internal community-building?

– By using pictures and questions to strengthen neural pathways

Pictures and questions? Have we not seen these in learning designs before? I’m sure, if my brain were working better, I could put my finger on them.

– These are neuro-pictures and neuro-questions. They are special because they are specially aligned and adapted to the way the brain works

What effect, of a rocket-science provenance, does this have on the brain’s performance?

– It boosts it

Upon what unimpeachable authority do we have this?

– Scientists

What sharp and futuristic-sounding subset of scientists?

– Neuroscientists

How many neuroscientists do you employ?

– It’s time to close this conversation, in line with the limitations on your attention span. That’s neuroscience, you understand.

When I have regained my attention span by listening to the electronic humming tone you have sold me, and drinking the neurobooster juices you have also sold me, where can I learn more of this brain-based learning?

– There are many sources on the internet. We would strongly recommend in the first instance you avoid Neurobollocks, and, if you are in the learning industry, avoid the negativity of Dr Will Thalheimer at all costs. All those footnotes after his blog posts will consume your valuable cognitive resources. They rely very much on text and no pictures. Now drink your neurojuice while we do some neuromarketing.

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