Catechism of cliche (1) – the Rapid Authoring Tool

Old woodcut of a printing press - tyrants foe, the people's friend

(Reprinted from my old blog – one of a series of articles in the spirit of Flann O’Brien.  More to follow. )

How will your new rapid authoring product have me producing courses?


And in addition to that?


That is certainly an agreeable vision. Anything else?


What kind of quality content will I find myself producing?


With what frequency will I achieve this?

Every time

What epithet usually applied to female film stars will be awarded to this content?


What section of my workforce will produce this content?

Those with no technical knowledge or skills

What other group, presumably not to be confused with this group?

Subject matter experts

How will you draw these results from such unlikely candidates?

By empowering them

What is the aerodynamic quality of the systems that will empower them?


Will they need to marshall knowledge and training to master these systems?

No, they are intuitive

What unit of ascension will this bring about in the capability of my team?

A step change.

And if this is unambitious?

A quantum leap

What are we guaranteed to see within months or even weeks?


What shall we do with these results?

Deliver them

Upon what horizontal geometrical construct will these results have an impact?

The bottom line

Thank you. That will be all.


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  1. Brilliant Norman!! Very amusing and painfully true.
    You mean to say that you question the authenticity of the LMS marketing people? I don’t know why Articulate Storyline come to mind… 🙂

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