Catechism of Cliche (6) – an update on the operating model

bikeSo, what can I find in this space?
Lots of good stuff

What is it doing in this space which may result in it no longer being in this space?
Moving forward

Speaking of movement, who and what else is moving forward?
Our action plans

How is this forward propulsion achieved?
Each team is driving theirs forward

What other laudable qualities are being driven?
Accountability and ownership

In all our driving what beneficial form of friction are we taking advantage of?
Traction on our themes

By what affiliative and connective form of cogitation are we achieving this?
Joined up thinking

I heard mention of supportive action following the model of a wonderbra?
Yes, there have been positive uplifts across the function

How do we ensure this uplifted thinking does not soar into the ether?
It is firmly anchored in the business strategy

What creative act normally exclusive to the godhead will you be performing upon our operating model?
Bringing it to life

Upon what supportive structure of Grecian inspiration does our model rest?
Four pillars

What do you envisage us doing with the four pillars?
Er, driving them forward?

That’s alarming. What measures of a protective nature do you propose should the structure collapse?
We will minimise the numbers of colleagues impacted by this change

That’s all right then

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