An example of a branching scenario: the bank call centre

This is a fairly simple branching scenario example, written as one of several in a three-hour session with two SMEs from a bank call centre.

The aim of the training

The aim was to give new recruits a taste of frequent situations, and some practice making common decisions and judgements. They’d do it between their induction and their onsite training, where the technical aspects of call-handling tended to dominate. They’d had some product knowledge learning but that amounted to a lot of facts and concepts. Here we wanted to give them some insight into how you used product knowledge day-to-day.

How we prototyped and built the scenario

Like the other branching scenario example, we built a prototype as we went along in Quandary. Afterwards they checked off the Word document produced by Quandary and I built it in the HTML/Javascript templates I’d created.  This version is built in Storyline as an example.

How we built help and feedback into the scenario

The  version they used had a lot more branding than what you’ll see here, and I’ve anonymised ‘the system’ and other names of course. It also had two links that appeared throughout: one to a product knowledge bank on their intranet, the other to an ‘advisor’ which gave ‘nudges’ for the right decision in each case. So the former is general, the same throughout and the latter is specific to each screen. We also decided to give the learner feedback as they went along by ‘telepathically’ showing what the customer was feeling about the transaction. An alternative approach would have been to keep that feedback to the end and ‘interview’ the customer.


Storyline version of bank branching scenario example
Bank Call Centre scenario (Storyline version)

Preparing for a Home Visit – complex branching scenario

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