Action Mapping

  • How do you stop learning material becoming an 'information attack'?
  • How do you get it to mirror what people do at work, so they recognise their own situation?
  • How do you make it easy for the organisation to know it's going to be effective and measurable?

Cathy Moore came up with an easy-to-learn framework to manage all this at the start of a project: Action Mapping!  If you're involved in course design - digital or face to face - you need this in your toolbox.

Cathy Moore
Cathy Moore

What exactly is Action Mapping? Why is it called Mapping?

Action Mapping is a five-stage conversation between you and your Subject Experts and sponsor.

  1. What are the business measures you can use to know if your project will make a difference?
  2. What do people need to do in their jobs - not in the learning course - to improve those measures? These are the actions in the action map.
  3. Why aren't they doing it? Do they need training or is something else required?
  4. How could they practice their skills to make them better?
  5. (Finally) what's the bare minimum of information you'll need to give them, and what form it should be in?

It's called Action Mapping because Cathy likes to present it in a mind-map-type graphic form. We build it outwards from the business need in the middle to the actions which meet it, to the barriers, to the practice activities and finally to the minimal content.

Action Mapping - a visual overview

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Learn Action Mapping

I've worked closely with Cathy, presented on Action Mapping at Learning Technologies 2013 and run Action Map sessions for Lloyds Banking Group and for charities like Citizens Advice Scotland, Historic England, Aberlour Children's Trust and Sense Scotland.

I can run an Action Mapping session to get your project started off on the right lines or I can train your team in Action Mapping.


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