Action Mapping – an interactive infographic

Cathy Moore has posted an interactive infographic that takes you through the Action Mapping process in a different way from her previous posts. Instead of a mind-map type layout, it shows a workflow, and it includes much more on the later stages than in any of her previous versions.

Screen shot of Action Mapping WorkflowThe starting point is that someone has asked for a training solution – ‘We need training’. It takes you through the stages of challenging and clarifying the need but then, unusually, we have more detail on stages 4 and 5 of the process, designing practice activities and the minimal information that needs to go with them. So even if you’re familiar with the model, it’s well worth a look.


I won’t go on about it here because you should really go and see it!

Action Mapping Workflow (Cathy Moore)

All I’ll say about me is that I’m working with a friend to put together a day’s Action Mapping workshop to run in Edinburgh sometime in September. If you’d like to hear more when it’s finalised stick your name and email on my mailing list using the form in the footer below or getting my scenario design job aid Designing Predicaments.


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